The superstructure like footings,columns, beams,slab and stairs are same for all construction cost variant, the price difference of this premium or high end construction cost is because of finishing materials you should like bricks( rupees 9 to 11 per piece), sand( river sand) used in concrete, building walls and plastering, flooring materials( rupees 100 to 120 per square feet),wall and floor tiles for bathrooms and kitchen( rupees 80 to rupees 100 square feet), doors and frames( rupees 12500/E) and Windows(Rs 16500/E), ventilators( RS 4800/E), electrical Cables and fixtures like switches(Rs 45/E) and sockets (Rs.65/E) plumbing materials like water pipes, sanitary wares like wc(Rs 16500/E), wash basins( Rupees 6000/E),bath fittings like taps( Rs 950/E), hot and cold diverter( Rs 8500/E),showers( Rs.1200/E) angle cocks( rupees 885/E), drainage pipes, paint materials(Rs.480/L), Fabrication works like stairs and balcony railings( SS Steel and toughened glass) and window grills(SS STEEL), exterior elevation upper cost in the premium construction.

Other cost factors

There are few more cost factors that need to be considered like approval or permission fee (this is usually a per sq ft charge by the municipality) electricity connection cost,water connection cost and sewage connection charge(This need to be paid to respective govt people),borewell,underground sump,compound wall and gate etc... Interior works like false ceiling and modular kitchen.Construction cost pertain only to the constructed area ,where ever roof is present that is considered as constructed area.

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