Sri Prithvi Constructions offer an extended service to our clients to assists them in planning and design of their project

  • 1. Typical Floor Plans
  • 2. Approval Plans, Blue Prints
  • 3. 2D and 3D Floor Plans( Flooring, Room Dimensions, Room Layout, Furnitures, Balcony, Wall Papers, Interior Decorations, Partitions, Doors, Windows etc... )
  • 4. Exterior and Interior Particle Plans
  • 5. Electrical Plans
  • 6. Plumbing Plans
  • 7. Gas Line Plans
  • 8. Elevation Plans
  • 9. Structural and Marketing Plans

Our portfolio portraits who we are in the construction industry. We have quite experience in all formats of buildings, interiors and services.

  • Below are the key platforms where we are expertise:
  • 1. Individual House
  • 2. Villa
  • 3. Apartment
  • 4. Duplex House
  • 5. Triplex House
  • 6. Guest House
  • 7. Farm House
  • 8. Bungalow
  • 9. Row House
  • 10. Mud House

We made our construction as a core part of PRITHVI CONSTRUCTION and make sure our customers are safe inside nutshell. We offer our construction in different modes depends on customer budget and expectation.

  • 1. Economy
  • 2. Modest
  • 3. Luxury
  • 4. Premium
  • 5. GFRG
  • 6. Ware House

Our services for construction with all imported machines and technology helps "A fast solution for building" in order to complete your construction work on or before time. Happily served customers to fulfil their needs in terms of services by SRI SARVA RACHANA'S

  • 1. Spray Plastering Machine
  • 2. Rendering
  • 3. Concrete Breaking
  • 4. Spray Painting
  • 5. High Pressure Washing
  • 6. Building Breaking
  • 7. High Pressure Water Pumping
  • 8. Hoist Lifting
  • 9. Concrete Sandering
  • 10. Putty Sandering
  • 11. Tree Cutting
  • 12. Sand Sieving
  • 13. Earth Auger Digging
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Our Projects

Our project outcome speaks about why you choose PRITHVI as a construction for your dream. Here are some of our projects showcased for you..

Our Team

The team of engineers employed at Sri Prithvi Constructions apply not only their expertise but also pure dedication in all the projects. Always Sri Prithvi Constructions use only high quality building materials which have big brand value. Apart from quality, speedy execution is another salient feature in our performance which results handling over of houses to the customers in time which is beneficial to the customers in so many different ways.

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Mr. K.Thiyagasundaram

Contact No: 9444324445 / 8608838948

Sri Prithvi Constructions is a Full Service Construction Management and general contracting company that seeks to grow personally and professionally rewarding business relationships, By connecting with our broad network of organizations and suppliers, We ensure that the best solution can be found for each new project no matter the size or challenges We pride ourselves on finishing all projects on time and on budget .

Sri Prithvi constructions is able to have consistent success with completion time and budgets by continuously updating our equipment constantly improving the knowledge and skills of our project teams, and utilizing the newest construction technology, product and software.

The entire Sri Prithvi constructions team works to ensure that quality and safety are always at the forefront of each project, we believe is remaining active and up to date with safety new engineering methods and their developing trends is the ever-changing constructions industry

"Shaping your dream within your budget"

"Sri Prithvi Constructions is involved its all facts of Residential and commercial construction's "

From Small to Large projects, our goal is to increase the functions of your home or business making it a beautiful well-designed Space, We strive to understand the needs of our clients and implement the most cost effective solutions, At Sri Prithvi Constructions, we see build quality homes and business while providing attentive customer service. We work closely with the subcontractors and suppliers to make sure your home is built to your and our standards.

We understand building a home can be stressful for the customer. We make every effort to ease your anxieties and concerns while construction is under way.

Sri Prithvi Constructions is proud to work with builders that have built award winning houses. We offer services from concept to completion in all facts of your project.

Project Planning, Design & Consultation

We offer an obligation free initial consultation to help you define your requirements. We can appoint an architect and engineer and guide you through the building and resource consent application process.

Sri Prithvi Constructions offer an extended service to our clients to assists them in planning and design of their project to best suite their requirements through offering a range of selected plans and specifications to choose from as a custom build or design and build a concept.

Project Management & Construction

Though our experienced, qualified and competent team members, we offer highly effective construction and management modules to accomplish projects in time and within budget meeting all quality standards and our clients needs. We ensure that your project is delivered within time and budget

Client Says


He has done a Marvelous job and completed the project in the way we expected it to be. Sir, is more dedicated, committed and friendly towards us during the complete tenure of the project. His suggestions during the project has made us to save a lot of money and improvised the look of the construction.


Sir is so committed to work, well planned, project is delivered without any problems, dedicated and innovator

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