Project Planning, Design & Consultation

We offer an obligation free initial consultation to help you define your requirements. We can appoint an architect and engineer and guide you through the building and resource consent application process.

Sri Prithvi Constructions offer an extended service to our clients to assists them in planning and design of their project to best suite their requirements through offering a range of selected plans and specifications to choose from as a custom build or design and build a concept.

  • 1. Typical Floor Plans
  • 2. Approval Plans, Blue Prints
  • 3. 2D and 3D Floor Plans( Flooring, Room Dimensions, Room Layout, Furnitures, Balcony, Wall Papers, Interior Decorations, Partitions, Doors, Windows etc... )
  • 4. Exterior and Interior Particle Plans
  • 5. Electrical Plans
  • 6. Plumbing Plans
  • 7. Gas Line Plans
  • 8. Elevation Plans
  • 9. Structural and Marketing Plans
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