Spray Plastering Machine

We have petrol driven machines that are having a task of mixing automatically and made mixture due to which it was easy for plastering; It covers rough walls and uneven surfaces in the construction of houses and other structures with a plastic material, called plaster, which is a mixture of lime or cement concrete and sand along with the required quantity of water.


  • 1. Reduction of human work.
  • 2. It will be straight forward in construction and simple to control.
  • 3. Higher excellence of the plaster can acquire.
  • 4. It will be move horizontally from to other place. So, it is portable.
  • 5. It will assist to save labor cost.
  • 6. It will avoid wastages of the mortar, thus to save the cost.
  • 7. Machine cost will be less than existing machines.
  • 8. It can be control with the help of remote controller.
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